Come Down For Air

Experience Lavada's Luxury Hot Jade Stone Massage

Come Down For Air inspires travellers to consider Tasmania as a year-round destination and to explore our whole island. It’s a meaningful invitation for people to come to Tasmania and find their own space and ‘air’.

Lavada invites you to melt away your stress with our luxury Hot Jade Stone Massage.

Lay down and relax. Experience bliss with a Hot Jade Stone Massage at Lavada. First, embark on a journey of the senses with Tasmanian Pepperberry essential oil. Take some deep, cleansing, breaths…you’re now in a place of relaxation.

With beautifully warmed hands, allow us to melt away any tension and stress with a customisable grounding  massage.

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  • Hot Jade Stone Massage

    60 mins | $175
    90 mins | $245

A massage therapist giving a back massage to a client in a dimly lit room.
Close-up of hands applying massage to a person's back. The setting appears to be calm and relaxing.
Close-up of a person's lower back with hands pressing down on the skin. The hands are adorned with red nail polish and are positioned on either side of the spine, suggesting a massage or therapeutic procedure. The lighting is soft and focused on the hands and the back, conveying a sense of calm and relaxation