Corporate Packages

In Spa Workplace Wellness for You & Your Team

Lavada is an architecturally designed space with six treatment rooms, including a deluxe couple’s suite, and two distinct lounge areas. Lavada showcases local artisans and materials.

The design and fit-out is a tribute to Tasmania, featuring the work of local artists, creators and suppliers. The calming interiors feature artwork from local artists, hand-made ceramics and locally sourced Tasmanian oak furniture and detailing. A velvet serpent couch, is designed to mimic Kunyani (Mount Wellington).

Lavada is Tasmania’s most beautifully designed spa, with a team of highly qualified therapists that are guided by a deep commitment to offering unrivalled nurturing and care to every guest.

Lavada is pleased to offer in spa workplace wellness for you and your team. Our vision is to create a space for enhancing connection, and improved health and wellbeing for your team.

Our range of spa offerings are a meaningful way to incentivise your team while boosting workplace moral and encouraging a healthy workplace environment. Our therapeutic spa collection is all founded on authentic Ayurveda natural skincare and wellness solutions by Subtle Energies.

All our treatments at Lavada are curated to reduce stress, restore your body, relax your mind and leave you feeling replenished. Empowering one’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.


Group Wellness Spa Treatments at Lavada

Experience Subtle Energies aromatherapy massages, facials or spa enhancements at Lavada. These treatments are the ideal experience for employees or delegates. Our treatments will promote a sense of calm, deep relaxation and nourishment of self. Guests experiencing these spa treatments will also be served refreshments in our relaxation lounge.


Corporate Gifting

Lavada gift vouchers and product packages are available for our spa. Digital or physical gift vouchers can be gifted as gratitude to employees or to help build rapport with prospective clients. Our digital gift vouchers are beautifully presented to a recipient via email with a personalised message, or a physical gift card is also available.

Please contact our practice manager for pricing and for more information on:

0416 620 069

A person reclining with eyes closed receiving a thick, dark facial mask treatment applied with a brush. The facial mask covers their entire face, leaving openings only for the nostrils and mouth. The setting appears serene and intimate with a dimly lit background that focuses attention on the treatment
A massage therapist in a white, well-lit room performs a back massage on a client lying face down on a massage table. The therapist, dressed in a casual white t-shirt and beige pants, is focused on her work, using her hands to apply pressure to the client's bare upper back. The client appears relaxed under a light beige blanket that covers the lower part of the body.
Close-up of a person's lower back with hands pressing down on the skin. The hands are adorned with red nail polish and are positioned on either side of the spine, suggesting a massage or therapeutic procedure. The lighting is soft and focused on the hands and the back, conveying a sense of calm and relaxation